Friday, October 30, 2015

Watch Adam vs Eve in epic rap battle

What happen when first man on earth comes in rap battle against the first woman on earth. Yup, its right its the most awaited rap battle of history , Adam vs Eve. Watch video below and comment , who wins!!

Watch video here

video courtesy : YouTube

Monday, October 26, 2015

Watch Albert Einstein vs Stephen Hawking rap battle

What happens when the one who specified the worlds most famous equation( e=mc2) participate in a rap battle against the smartest man alive, whose theoretical prediction that black holes emit radiation is often called hawking radiation. You are right, we are talking about two great scientists Albert Einstein  and Stephen hawking.

Watch video here
video courtesy : YouTube

Epic rap battle channel has created this video , with lookalikes of both Einstein and Hawking. Let's see who wins?

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Watch Martin Luther King Jr vs Mahatma Gandhi epic rap battle

Everyone knows both Martin Luther King and Mahatama Gandhi were great leaders of their respective countries. We also know that there are many similarities between Martin Luther king and Mahatama Gandhi like King is best known for his role in  advancement of civil rights and Gandhi inspired movements of civil rights and freedom across the world. If it was train rights that created Gandhi , it was a bus journey that made Martin Luther King. Now, imagine what would happen if these two legends come against each other in a rap battle.
Epic Rap Battle channel has created this rap battle video  with lookalikes of both Gandhi and King. lets see who wins!!

Watch video here
video courtesy : YouTube

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WATCH PM N.MODI vs M.GANDHI in a rap battle

In this funny rap battle, father of the nation is back to guide the leader of the nation Narendra Modi for the betterment of our country on this Independence Day! Happy Independence Day!

Let's see what father of the nation have to suggest leader of the nation our PM , in this funny rap.

Watch Video

 video courtesy : YouTube

Shudh desi raps channel has created this video (on the occasion of independence day) with look likes of both Mahatama Gandhi and PM Narendra Modi. who do you think wins the battle?? comment below!

The views and opinions expressed in video content are solely those of shudh desi raps and not represent my views, opinions. 

WATCH VIRAT KOHLI VS MS DHONI in a funny rap battle

 Mahendra Singh Dhoni, in an apparent jibe at Test captain Virat Kohli's brand of aggression, said "exchanging words or physical contact" was not his idea of aggression and it was imperative for his team to play within the rules ahead of the T20 match against South Africa. Test captain Kohli has been a big advocator of his brand of aggressive cricket while his premier fast bowler Ishant Sharma copped a one-Test suspension after his run-ins with the Sri Lankan batsmen during the final Test match in Colombo.
As the fans of test captain Virat Kohli desperately want him to become captain of ODI  and T20 but the fans of captain Cool wants him to lead India in another World Cup victory, shudh desi rap channel has created(during WC15) a funny video starring lookalikes of both Virat and Dhoni.

                                     Watch video
video courtesy : YouTube

This video starts with a funny hilarious rap between two and ends with funny twist as a reference of WC15. Don't forget to share with friends.who do you think wins the battle? comment below!

The views and opinions expressed in video content are solely those of shudh desi raps and do not represent my personal views,opinions.